Pre-flop: think and analyze before throwing yourself

canadianpharmacybestnorx.comPre-flop: think and analyze before throwing yourself. What is the pre-flop? This is the moment when you hold two cards in your hands. This action takes place before the appearance of the first three cards on the table. This moment is decisive because it is this one that will engage you, or not, in the part and by which way (to follow, to bet or to restart). From the beginning of the game, poker requires the development of special strategies. So, how do you understand the pre-flop phase? Visit us for Poker terpercaya.

How to make the decision to engage or not in the game?

First, you have to evaluate the cards you have. Indeed, if you have two good cards (a pair of aces for example), it is clear that you are likely to dominate unlike a two and a five for example. However, do not be stubborn about playing the smaller pairs (pair of 2s or 5s) because the probability that a player has better than you is high (you can consider that the value of cards is high from a pair for example because you have a 75% chance of winning).

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Compared to your game, you must also check the bets of other players, because some will try to scare by betting a lot of chips. So, if there are a lot of chips in play from the beginning, would not it be better to fold rather than continue the game? It’s up to you to think according to the importance of your game.

Constant errors that must be avoided

First of all, you have to analyze your position on the table. If you are in the last position, you are the most favored since you can see what your opponents have done. Also, you will have the opportunity to know if you can steal the blind. If players bet a lot, do not try unless you are certain of your game, as there is a chance that your opponents will have a better game. Conversely, if you are the first to play (early position), it is necessary to frame the game more, and, to think before having the certainty to steal the blind.

Also remember this point

The number of players at the table will indicate the shape that the game will take. Thus, the more players, the less you allow yourself to make hands and you will have to be attentive to each game.

In addition, many players make the mistake of “caller” instead of re-raise. If you have a good game, do not hesitate to re-raise to dissuade the opposing player because you can sometimes find yourself in the embarrassing situation where your opponent would have a better game than you and will re-raise in turn.

Finally, you must adopt a strategic position, and not least: analyze the behavior of the players at the table. You will certainly be wary of the aggressive player (unlike the passive player) who will put pressure on all his opponents. The player can also play tight (he plays only the best hands, unlike the wide player). Some sites will offer tutorials to train you in these phases. So, it’s up to you!